About Bonroy

Our Mission
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Bonroy's belief in globalisation allows us  to step into the world with cutting edge approaches preserving a synchronised functionality with the industry’s top standards.

Our Vision

To become one of the best international trading companies in the world, with roots over the globe and strong international presence.

Our Strategy
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Bonroy's strategy is designed to help us define our ambitions, where we wish to invest , the priorities for commitment and implementation plans as we enter an era of growth.


Core Values


Our word is our bond and we will always abide by strong ethics.  We observe all best practices, rules and regulations. We do whatever we can to stay compliant.

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We believe that long-term business flourish within mutually profitable relationships. At Bonroy, we always adopt win-win approaches with our counterparties.

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Our Team are highly experienced veterans of the industry, skilled at identifying market changes and reconciling them with the complex needs of our counterparties.

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Bonroy Board

The board is made up of two Executive Directors and five Non-Executive Directors.

The Non-Executive Directors have been carefully selected for their industry knowledge, stewardship and leadership that are well suited to support Bonroy today, and going forwards as the company grows and diversifies


Our Team

Here at Bonroy our first priority is to search, educate and retain talent in order to build a highly motivated and competitive team. People are our most valuable asset.

Our 3 teams of front office, middle/back office and M&A are the pillars towards Bonroy’s aggressive and successful future.

Front Office

The calibre of our experienced trading team, covering Crude-Refined products; Gas/LNG-Power; Light Hygrocarbon-Chemicals, are cutting edge. Their risk management skill, knowledge, experience, vision and action exemplifies Bonroy's trading ethos in the international energy market. 


Middle and Back Office

The Middle Office (Risk, Compliance, IT) and Back Office (Finance, Treasury, Settlements) are set up as two separate functions both independently reporting directly into the CEO and the Board of Bonroy. This is aligned to industry best practices ensuring robust segregation of duties and 3-Lines of Defence. This is all built around a sound Governance Structure and Risk Control Framework, remaining fit-for-purpose and scalable at all times.

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With outstanding energy industrial backgrounds and international financial know-how, the team is equipped with the professional methodology to acquire the right assets at the right value.

This enables us to gain a strong foothold in the international energy market.