Crude Oil and Refined Products


We are actively involved in crude oil supply value chain from the Middle East, Russian West & Far East, South America and West Africa to regional end users, especially Chinese independent refineries. 


Bonroy’s areas of interest include wide range of products, including light, middle distillate and heavy end.  Our strong network of refiners, trading houses, producers and end-users across the globe enables us to meet all our customers’ needs.


Our trading team combines a worldwide presence, comprehensive market knowledge and effective logistics to connect producers and end-users.


Light Hydrocarbons and Petrochemicals

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Bonroy aims to serve petrochemical plants and to supply them with feedstocks such as LPG and naphtha. The company is also active further downstream in the olefin value chain. The Chinese market is a key area of interest, since domestic demand is growing fast and multiple new projects such as PDH and PP plants are being approved.


We rely on our strong network of producers, traders, refiners, petchems and importers and on our team’s long experience in these markets to come up with innovative marketing, sourcing and risk management solutions.


Gas/LNG & Power


Global gas markets are experiencing a structural shift from multiple regions to a truly global market through the rise of LNG.

New production in Australia, USA and elsewhere is satisfying increased demand in established centres such as Europe and new growth markets in Asia.

China is now the largest importer of LNG globally, and Bonroy is well positioned to assist local partners in the market. Our experience in the liquid European hubs makes us an ideal partner to grow a global gas business



Along with the global energy and the technological revolution, by pre-financing, shareholding, operational and any other mutually beneficial ways, Bonroy are working on renewable energy projects while forging ahead with traditional fossil fuels with all our efforts.

Bonroy will become clean and smart energy supplier with comprehensive financial and technical package solutions.